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A lively and passionate team

Born in Serbia, the Pirum story is as unique as the contents of the bottle. Pure distillation of pears, crushed and fermented whole. We procure pears from our own orchards in Serbia. Minimally distilled twice to retain the aroma of fresh pear, it is surprisingly dry with a long toasted oak finish, reminiscent of the true European style of 43% ABV brandy.

Enjoy our rare brandy with or without ice to appreciate the aromas. No charcoal filtration, no sugar, no additives. 100% pear.

We are dedicated and attentive to the cultivation of unique varieties of Carmen and Abate Fetel pears, world class. We have chosen the craft approach of creating Pirum brandies, we always create rich flavors and aromas, which we nurture and perfect.

Our style is to make every variety shine.

The way we do it ...


The first idea

Only a small one-off experiment was conceived. The results, however, were so exciting that they became a passionate project.


Abate Fetel

These pears are considered "the favorite pear in Italy", and they are valued for their creamy and sweet taste.


Carmen pear

Carmen pears are a favorite because of their unusual shape, balanced flavors and crunchy texture.


Our brandies

You may think that Pirum brandy is similar to schnapps, but in fact, there is a whole world that needs to be discovered.


Serbian welcome

In Serbia, you will be offered brandy immediately, regardless of the time of day.


How to drink brandy

The first sip is the most important. Take a deep breath, then take a sip directly through your throat right up to your stomach.

Our beloved clients

Places where you can enjoy our brandies

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