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Our Story

As unique as the contents of the bottle.

Born in Serbia, the Pirum story is as unique as the contents of the bottle. Pure distillation of pears, crushed and fermented whole. We procure pears from our own orchards in Serbia. Minimally distilled twice to retain the aroma of fresh pear, it is surprisingly dry with a long toasted oak finish, reminiscent of the true European style of 43% ABV brandy.

Enjoy our rare brandy with or without ice to appreciate the aromas. No charcoal filtration, no sugar, no additives. 100% pear.

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Our style is to make every variety shine.

D i s t i l l e d , b l e n d e d a n d b o t t l e d i n S e r b i a .

Our best brandies

We strive for perfection at every step of making our brandy

3.600 рсд
3.600 рсд

This is perhaps one of the best brandies I have ever tasted. Very refined, balanced taste and aroma. I look forward to enjoying Pirum brandies again.

Nebojša Mladenović

Abate Fetel was a bit rough the first time I tasted it but after giving it a second taste I completely fell in love with it! It's one of my favorite liquors and I highly recommend it straight with some rocks.

Emre Veyisoglu

Definitely a good purchase, the taste is amazing. A good gift for a brandy lover or for special occasions! I would warmly recommend.

Ivan Pribićević

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The traditional way of preparing brandy in a conventional and natural way.

Our fruits

Our brandy is prepared from natural pear puree grown on our farms in Serbia.

Without sugar

Not every drink you consume is harmful to your health.

Pure varieties of fruit

Extremely high quality and pure varieties of fruit that make our brandies unique.

More than a drink

Choose good quality brandy

If you have been wondering what makes Pirum brandy better than others, here is the answer - healthy fruit, as well as a very strict traditional way of home preparing. We do not add preservatives or sugar to soften the taste. The taste obtained in this way is the most natural and incredibly characteristic.
When you plan to make a toast with Pirum brandy as people in our country do: look into the eyes of each other, raise and lean your glasses saying: "Cheers"!

Get to know us better

For us, new ideas affect change, and change changes the world.

The origin of our drinks
Brandy is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Serbia. It has been the national drink of Serbia for centuries. There are more then 10,000 private brandy producers in Serbia. Scotland and Ireland have whiskey, Russia is known for its vodka, and the Balkan region is proud of its brandy. The power of brandy is unsurpassed - it is a drink that unites the Balkans.
Where can you enjoy our brandies?
Apart from Belgrade hotels, restaurants and cafes (Mama’s Shelte, Hilton, Lawuk, Smokvica, Franš, Homa,…), you can buy our brandies through our site and enjoy it wherever you want.
Quality prediction
The most important rule is to drink good brandy. High quality brandy will never leave you with a terrible hangover. The more natural, the better and our brandy is distilled from 100% pure pear.
How it all started
Only a small one-off experiment was conceived. The results, however, were so exciting that they became a passionate project.

Our beloved clients

Places where you can enjoy our brandy

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